Meet Nannu

This charming young lady pulling a face at the Forum Shops in Cesars Palace in Las Vegas is my little sister Nanette. You spell that Nuh-n@. Spelling is a very important part in our lives as our names are both quite uncommon because our mum is from the Netherlands and Dutch people have this weird obsession with French names. People tend to either forget our names because they are so complicated or they remember them for being so special. That’s why we usually use shorter names and my short name for her is Nannu. Why is that, you ask? I have no idea. I used to call her Nani and I don’t know why it ended up being Nannu.

Anyway, that being said I want to tell you something more about Nannu. She’s my little sister. She’s 1 year, 10 months and 30 days younger than me. Her date of birth is pretty much the coolest one ever, as it is 4 May (5) 1996. Very easy to remember, so good for my lacking memory.

Nannu grew up as a happy and popular kid. She loved playing Barbies and myscenes and her favorite movies were Barbie movies. We always got to see those on Saturdays on TV and she would be furious when I tried to get the remote to switch to another channel. Oh yes, we had a lot of fights – especially over most essential things like what to watch or who would get the last cookie. Many of our fights ended in bite marks or bruises. We were the real ladies.

If you want to know more about her background, I’m just gonna tell you mine because that is exactly what hers is like. We basically did the same for our education – visited the same schools, had the same languages and took the same subjects for our A-levels. At this point, she might even consider doing the same Bachelor as I did (she doesn’t, just wanted to advertise a little, because my Bachelor was great).

Nannu was always quite popular at school, even if that was rather unintended. Still she used to be very shy and insecure. But she took her chance to change this and went to the US to live and work there as an Aupair for 1.5 years after she graduated. I always admired her for this choice and what she achieved during this time. Already after a few months she seemed like a different person and all grown up. She had left all her past behind and became a strong, optimistic and ambitious young woman.

Her favorite food is Sushi (but only the good one) and Crêpes and I am very surprised she even lost weight after living in America, considering the amount of Sushi and Crêpes she had there. Although she loved that, she was pretty fed up by all the food in America by the end of her stay, which made her write a 2-pages-list of what she would be eating when she came home. Her favorite drink used to be Pink Moscato, but after a certain incident she will probably not be drinking it again very soon. She also likes water.

When she came home after her stay in the US she was all surprised of her wardrobe back home. She was like “I can’t believe I ever liked this, this is so childish and colorful!” And there goes half her wardrobe. I was surprised, as still a lot of her clothes have colorful and floral patterns. But it’s true that her style is a little more grown up now. She loves prints and tight pants. Well she obviously has the legs for it! She only wears high-heels when she’s going out to party, because they make her extremely tall. Model-size at least. That’s also why she would turn most of the guys’ heads in a club.

Nannu’s probably best at posing for pictures. Find a cute little spot somewhere and she’s gonna be all like: “Sannschie, take a picture of me!” and gonna strike at least 6 poses in quite small time intervals. Too bad my camera is quite slow…

I was amazed how well she handled the kids in her host families. In the past she used to be quite impatient, but that has all changed now. The kids loved her and she really made them happy. I am very much looking forward to her being the aunt of my kid(s?), because she will be a great one. I do hope she won’t be spoiling them too much though.

For now, these are the most important things you should know about Nannu. I don’t want to give away too many details about her already, because if this blog works out as we planned, you will still get some good stories about her and me that will tell you a little more about us and our sisterhood. So thanks for being interested in my little sister! Oh, and by the way: She’s single!


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