Meet Sannschie

This beautiful (very focused) girl in the picture is my sweet sister Lisanne. My just a tiny bit Russian-sounding nickname for her came kind of out of nowhere. And if it does have some distant origin, I apologize for having forgotten.
In this breathtaking picture of her (I wonder which genius took it) we were on the bus to Orlando and our dream-destination Harry Potter World.
She’s writing, as so often, in her travel journal. We both had one on our trip but only she really finished it. That probably shows a lot about her and my personality in comparison.

But before I wander even more off topic, let me tell you more about my sister.
She is so proud of this travel journal. The beautiful world map on the outside and how creatively she designed the inside. That says a lot about how she is.
One of her major hobbies is decorating her apartment. I left for the US more than a year and a half ago and she had just moved in in September, so I have never seen it.
But while I was gone she had reported at least 3 times to me that she found a cheap new couch.
So how I see it, this apartment is full of beautiful plants, wall stickers with quotes and other small decorative items that she really takes pride and joy in.
I really cannot wait to see it myself.

Another big part of her life are her animals. We’ve always loved dogs and got our family dog about 10 years ago. Ginny opened our hearts to dogs (and Harry Potter names). But when Sannschie moved into her first apartment (with her love, paramour, soulmate or simply said boyfriend Alex) she got a dog of her own. He’s the cutest little Mini Chihuahua viking, Wickie.
When they moved into their bigger, second apartment they magically found two cats (at different times of course) and adopted them into the little family, Dropje and Snoepje.
So you see, all of her animals have very cute and creative names.

In our travelmonth she always made jokes about my many Instagram posts and called herself and me at many times “Blogger-bitches”. So naturally, it was her idea to create this Sister-blog and share our adventures with the world.
I love that I can write about her here and show everyone what a cool, kind and individual person my sister Sannschie is.




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