Preparing for Nannu

Wickie, Dropje, Snoepje, my boyfriend and I are very excited because Nannu is moving in with us in a few days! As she will be coming to our place tomorrow I am very busy with preparations for her arrival.

A little flashback:

Exactly the week we moved into this flat in Linz Urfahr, Nannu left for America. I still remember the week like it was yesterday: On Tuesday she left for New York City and on Friday we were moving from our old flat to this new one. She has seen the flat in its empty and basic state, but not yet furnished and as it is now. She would know it from Skype video calls, but it’s always different in real life, of course. Now, one and a half years later, she will see it for the first time and I am super excited! Decorating and interior design are my hobbies and I always love to make our place a cosy and comfortable spot to escape busy everyday-life. I honestly would love to change into that kind of career field, but I’d rather finish my Masters now and have an alternative for later in my life.

What I’ve been doing so far…

is cleaning!!! We only arrived home from the States not even a week ago (in my case) and obviously our flat was not very clean after leaving 2.5 cats, half a dog and a man home alone for 1.5 months. Although I have to stress that I am very proud of my man he kept the flat cleaner than last time. However, the pets are losing a lot of hair right now because their fur is changing to their summer fur. So my whole flat is literally covered in hair right now. That’s one of my biggest worries as well – Nannu’s cat allergy! We were trying to keep the cats out of her room and I absolutely don’t want the pets to go into that spare room, but once or twice they would just sneak in after us when we went in there.

Nannu lived in the States for 1.5 years so naturally she had a lot of stuff she had to bring home. We sent a package home as well, but still I had to bring some stuff of hers from America to my place. And to immediately give her a feeling of home, I already sorted her stuff into the shelf in her future room. And the first pairs of her shoes also found their way into the room already!


I am very proud of this room, as I love cheap and second-hand furniture and DIY ideas and this whole room is full of that stuff! The whole furniture in this room cost probably about 250€ altogether but still it’s super individual and special and looks like new. Don’t get me wrong – quality is still important to me, of course. But spending less for furniture that looks very good makes me happier than spending more than necessary. I don’t really have brands when it comes to furniture and decor.

I don’t want to give away too much about the bed, but that’s probably what I love most about this room. And it was also super cheap! A little sneak peek here:


I really think that plants are super important in a room because they always make me feel better. I just love having a lot of green in my flat, which is difficult if you have 2 cats. Because I’ve been traveling a lot and my boyfriend had to take care of them and because the cats looooooove to play with them, some look a little sad already, but oh well. It’s about the feeling of life they give you and hey – they’re not dead yet! Naturally, there’s some plants in the spare room. And I love how this one goes with Nannu’s Billabong hat from California!


Last but not least – presents!!! I love to surprise people and Nannu loves to be surprised, so naturally I prepared a little surprise for her. I bought some nice pink tulips, which is a super special kind of flower for us, as we are half Dutch and well… I don’t think I need to say more. And of course I bought her some treats. She loves Popcorn (especially the Microwave-able one) and she’s addicted to Lachgummi. Those are some special kind of gummies which, combined in different ways, can look like small fruit figures. She was begging me to bring some of those when I came to the States for our travel month. So of course, I had to buy some for her new room. Also, I added the Victoria’s secrets hygiene items she bought in America. Well, I had to as I had to bring them to Austria!


I am very excited for her to see her new home and room! I can’t wait for her to see it! I just hope she does not have too high expectations and she will be disappointed when she sees it for the first time. But hey, there’s a dog, Lachgummis and Popcorn! I guess that would help her get over it, just in case. πŸ˜€


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