Nannu’s move to Linz

So it’s official! I’m back in Austria and started my new life in Linz.
I will tell you all about my side of the preparations, the time before, my feelings during and after the move.

It all started on Friday, March 31, when our mom and I went to Linz to meet Sannschie.
She wanted to get some stuff for the finishing touches of my room, so guess where we met? IKEA!! We absolutely loooove IKEA!
That morning, I packed a small, cute, pink Oilily suitcase and my (also pink) Cultural Care bag with lots of clothes, shoes, perfumes and much much more. So I could bring all of my stuff comfortably to my sister’s place, since my mom was driving to Linz.
It was kind of hard to pack, because I hadn’t seen the room before, so I didn’t know how much space I had and I have a looot of clothes.

On our drive to Linz, I took this picture of the beautiful Austrian countryside. I’m still not used to seeing all the mountains, woods and tiny villages of my home country.

Even though I had seen Sannschie not too long before, I was still excited, when my mom and I were sitting at IKEA, looking outside the window and waiting for Sannschie to arrive.
When she was finally there, we decided to have some coffee first (and of course we couldn’t resist a princess-cake). There were new decorations at the IKEA-restaurant and we loved the new furniture. Big comfy chairs, funny kids corners and black metallic chairs and tables that made me feel like on a terrace in France.
But our highlight were these treetrunks they used as room-dividers. They made the whole restaurant look rustic and very cozy.

Sannschie had asked me to bring my sleeping mask (I don’t remember on which flight I got it), so she tried it out.

On our round through IKEA, we found everything we needed. Including bed sheets, a trash can for my room and some orchids.
After our successful shopping spree we got our lunch at (again) the IKEA-restaurant.
Without a second of hesitation Sannschie and our mom got the salmon for lunch, I had to think about it a little longer. Finally, I decided to try the “Grönsaksbullar”.
They turned out to be not as good as I expected, with Mango Chutney and Couscous that weren’t really my thing. But hey, I tried something new.

Then it was finally time for me to see my new home. I had seen the apartment before, but it was completely empty back then.
I had seen a lot of pictures, but in real life it’s much more beautiful. All the wall tattoos with cute quotes, everything matching in color like the furniture, the pillows and all the other decorations, the flowers, … I love that it’s not too big, but the kitchen and living room makes it open but at the same time cozy.
When I opened the door to my new room, I was speechless at first.
I hadn’t expected the bed like this at all. It’s completely special and absolutely unique.
As you have seen in Sannschie’s previous post, she made such an effort to decorate it nicely. After I put the new bed sheets on and all of my clothes into the shelves, it already felt like my own room.



We went back to our home town to my mother’s place to spend the weekend there.
On Saturday we did a kind-of-family-reunion at a “Heuriger”. So, for all non-Austrians, let me explain: Heuriger are family-restaurants for mostly cold, traditional Austrian, very very good food. My favorite is the “Schafkäse” = sheep cheese. But Sannschie always gets a “Brettljausn”, which is lots of different kinds of meat and cream cheeses. Heuriger was one of the things I missed most when I was in the US.
Sannschie and I really wanted to see “Beauty and the Beast” in the movie theater that evening, but because the showtimes didn’t really work out for us, we went for a hot chocolate (or white chocolate in Sannschie’s case) with one of Sann’s best friends Patricia, nickname Bazi, who I hadn’t seen for a very long time. It was so nice to tell her all of our stories and adventures from our travelmonth.

Sannschie being a goof-ball.

On Sunday, we went out for lunch as a kind-of-goodbye with our mom and grandma.
That day in the late afternoon, Sannschie and I went to Linz by train.
Snoepje and Dropje were so happy to see us again.

Insider-tip: We started watching Th1rt3en Reasons Why. Watch that show, it’s awesome!

After three episodes, Sannschie went to pick up her boyfriend, Alex from the train station. He had been in Strasbourg, France on vacation for a week and brought lots of whine, chocolate and goodies for the pets.

My first days in Linz were very nice. Even though Sannschie had to work, she made an effort to show me all the good places to see and to eat. We went to Schindler’s Heuriger (best Austrian food) and to this huge mall, the Plus City. Sannschie and I really like Primark, and the Plus City has probably the biggest Primark I’ve ever seen, it has three floors. Another insider-tip: MyIndigo has very good oriental food – tasty and affordable.
And because Alex still has some days off, he helped me to get all my documents together, he was a great help.

Schindler’s Heuriger: the best restaurant in Linz and my favorite food now: Schweinsbraten.

You were probably wondering about the title picture of this post. Yes, Sannschie and I made it to the movie theater after all. We went to see “Beauty and the Beast” in Linz and really loved that movie. Romantic fairytale with all our favorite actors, what else could you wish for?

I’ve already gotten used to living with my sister and the cutest animals on earth, but walking through this beautiful city is still something special for me. I hope I never get used to the beauty of the Donau-river, the small alleys and beautiful buildings.




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