Like sister like sister?

So our blog was slowly dying because everyday life hit again. We work (or look for work), we eat, we sleep, we cuddle our two and a half kitties and our half dog and we meet friends and family. And now – before it is passing on and because there is finally time to do so – I am going to revive our blog by sharing some of the intimatest intimacies with you. I give you: the differences!

We are sisters and best friends, which makes us very much alike but still we are different in so many ways. It is difficult to think about where to start, so to implement at least something I have learned during my studies, why not go through the cultural iceberg to cover all of the areas. Well, maybe we could just use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, that would be easier I guess.

Physiological needs

First up are the physiological needs and don’t worry, I’m not gonna tell you anything you don’t want to hear (or do you?!). Of course we need food. But here’s the thing: We are very different in our taste of food. We are both half Dutch which should make both of us very fond of cheese, and while Nannu loves cheese I really don’t. I like it when it’s baked – and then I like it a lot – but not when it is raw. Nannu loves it. Favorite in combination with strawberry jam. No kidding there. I know. It’s gross, right?

My needs: mushrooms. A LOT OF THEM. Not for Nannu because she hates them. Usually she hates the consistency of things whenever she doesn’t like them, but with mushrooms she also hates the taste. The consistency it is with all kinds of dried berries and raisins. Which I basically love. Also she doesn’t like cooked carrots and I don’t like them raw. Nannu’s favorite cake is Malakoff cake, which is a very rich and creamy gateau. I am exactly the opposite – I don’t like cakes with cream or anything. So you see – we developed our own olive theory! And we can always swap.

DRINKS. My needs: water, coke and water. Her needs: alcohol, coffee and diet coke. I don’t drink coffee, tea or alcohol but I’m a little addicted to coke some times because I don’t drink any caffeine and sometimes I just need a push. I am honestly working on this and by now I got it under control (knockonwood). Nannu needs her coffee in the morning and she… well… enjoys to have her alcohol sometimes. Especially pink moscato, which she misses a lot from America. Even after the last escalation in Washington DC. Wine is very different here in Austria. And when she drinks coke she always goes for the diet version, just like our mom.

Nannu can sleep big time and because she has days off some time she gets a lot of sleep. I am different because I have a very light sleep and need to wear a sleeping mask (so trashy!!!) to not wake up from any light. I usually wake up early and start doing a lot in the appartment then.

Safety needs

Our needs concerning safety are different in many ways. While I am not afraid of anyone breaking into our home and robbing us because I lived in Cape Town for half a year and I know what danger and crime is like and it surely is not like here, I am quite uncomfortable in surroundings I don’t know. There are not a lot of things that I am really afraid of and the one thing I am really afraid of is birds. I just can’t have any birds around me. For no reason. Nannu is reacting allergic to wasp stings, so she is extremely scared of wasps and bees. Spiders are fine, but snakes are not. I don’t really mind about those.

Belongingness and love needs

Before you think it’s getting cheesy now – it’s not. We have each other. We have our family. I have my boyfriend. Shoutout to all the good guys that want a beautiful, caring, outgoing and fun girlfriend because Nannu’s single. But she’s fine. We have the pets. We don’t have many friends, but we don’t need a lot of those. We are very happy. Period.

Esteem needs

Nannu has an iPhone 6 (in rose gold ooooooh). I’d rather have a little more quality and have a Huawei P9. I guess that says a lot about how different we are. And the old Android vs iOS discussion is sometimes present in our house (no hard feelings, I tolerate every phone). We like fancy things but there is one thing we even like more than fancy things: cheap fancy things. We were both raised to save as much as possible and that’s why we always watch the prices of what we are buying. And this is why I am even happier when I buy something that is very cheap than some brands that are very expensive. Best combination of course is if it’s a brand item and it’s on sale. We loved Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Eeeeek!!!

I was thinking about writing on fashion and styles, but I guess we will have to dedicate another blog entry to that later in our blogger careers. And honestly, I don’t feel like being the right person to write on this right now. (This is not a hint.)

There’s this saying: Collect moments, not things. And I am going to be honest (and I can probably only say this because probably no one read this blog entry this far): I am a person that wants both. I want moments and I want things and I got a lot of both of them and that makes me very, very grateful! I totally appreciate what I have and I am proud of it, because I worked for all of it. We both love travelling and we are doing a lot of it together. We have collected so many valuable moments already and I already collected a lot of things. Nannu has only started to settle down, so who knows how her collection will develop.


When it comes to that, we have very different priorities! Nannu was actually doing skydiving some weeks ago – which is something I would never dare to do! She loves to go on roller coasters and I was never much of a roller coaster type. But since we’ve been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando FI, I’ve come to enjoy certain rides. So here’s a difference becoming a similarity. Took us long enough hey?

I am more of the art-loving type and culture is my favorite ressort. I am very much into exploring cultures and history and I love going into art galleries. Not too modern art, though.


We are both very ambitious and veeery into languages. I have been learning 7 and Nannu already 5 and she is probably going to learn even more. Learning new languages makes us happy, because a language is connected very tightly to the culture which speaks it, of course. That’s also one of the reasons why I studied Cultural Sciences for my Bachelor’s degree, and Nannu is going to study something similar as well, starting from October.

One of the biggest differences: creativity. We are both creative, but in different ways. I am very artsy and crafty and I love to decorate and craft small accessories (no drawing though). Nannu, however, is very good at doing hair. And that’s also why I love that she’s living with us now, she’s doing my hair very often – which is something I am terrible at.


So you see – we might be different in a lot of ways, but still we are so similar! Like sister like sister is true, especially since a lot of people think that we look very much alike, which we really don’t think. Differences in our case are actually quite positive, because we always supplement each other – and that’s after all what sisters should do!

For now – let’s let the blog die again for a few days. Hopefully not too long, but that’s up to Nannu!


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