Two independent working women – and all that.

Now this short post will be all about our ways of financing our life. As Sannschie already mentioned in different posts, we don’t usually buy expensive stuff. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have any expenses. We’re both proud to say that we are not relying on the support of other people, but we work hard to earn our living.
And because we love fashion (especially shoes) and occasionally going out to get some good food, we do need money.

So first I will tell you all about Sannschie’s job(s). But because we don’t want to shame any companies (or nasty bosses), I’ll try to keep it as objective and positive as I can.
When Sannschie started studying Cultural Sciences in Linz (long, long time ago), she knew she wanted to get a part-time job, so she could earn her own money.
She had just finished the business school we both went to with her A-levels, so clearly it took her some time to find a job, like all young people just done with their education.
But she was extremely happy when she finally found her first real job. She works at the “Grottenbahn” on Pöstlingberg in Linz. People, she gets to drive the dragon-train, walk through the old city of Linz all the way to fairytale-land and joke around with cute little kids.  So what sounds like a dream-job is pretty much that, a dream-job.
The Grottenbahn actually celebrates their 111th anniversary. And the dragon (which is really a cute little train) flies you through the cave of the dwarf-land. You watch them getting through every day life (like going to the doctor or the bakery), but also dangerous situations (like the time they got attacked by beetles), and you even get to meet their dwarf-king. It’s unbelievable that the Grottenbahn-dwarfs are the original ones from day one, so they’re all over a 110 years old and still in great shape.
So during every round of the ride through the cave you get to see one side of the dwarf-life. And on the third and last round, suddenly the whole cave lights up and it looks like there are a million stars, sparkling from the cave-ceiling. Only insiders, like Sannschie know that, every single time, all the people are mesmerized by the lights and go “Oooooh!”. That is only one of Sannschie’s favorite parts of the daily life of the Grottenbahn. She loves all the kids and one little girl once said to her mom, pointing at Sannschie: “Look! There’s Snow White!” Talking about the big dragon, asking them which fairytale they like best and how they’re doing in kindergarten, … Sannschie loves kids and kids love Sannschie. Because of the Grottenbahn’s anniversary, there’s a brand new sticker-album, for which the kids can collect all different kinds of fairytale- and dwarf-stickers. Sannschie carries them around and sometimes, when people are at the end of their tour through the Grottenbahn, she gives a sticker to a kids that’s being good in the gift shop. So every time Sannschie gets to work there, she’s looking forward to it a lot.

But because the most people go to the Grottenbahn in summer, there’s not a lot of work there in winter. That’s why Sannschie got a new job for a little while. She was working at an Au Pair agency. I know what you’re thinking now and yep, she for sure got that job because she could say “My sister was an Au Pair!”
She basically was the personal assistant of her boss and handled almost all of the work. She checked applications, matched the Au Pairs to families and was consultant to other agencies, families, potential Au Pairs and embassies. She did all of this marvellously, but because summer is coming, she decided to work at the Grottenbahn again, because she simply enjoys that job more.

Now to my job situation. As we definitely mentioned in a different post, I was looking for a job last month. Since my first job was being an Au Pair in the US and I had finished school before that, it took me some time to find a job as well.
But my unemployed days are finally over! I got a job at a travel agency called “Donau Touristik GmbH”. It’s a pretty cool company that arranges all kinds of cycling- and ship-tours in all of Europe. We handle basically everything about your trip: all the hotels, you get your bike from us, we do your guided tours and handle your luggage.
If I wouldn’t work there, I would definitely go on one of these tours. It’s a great way to see countries like Austria, Germany, Italy and many more.
I’m in the Operating department, which means that I do all the paper work, like reservation lists, info-packages, hotel-reservations and basically everything else.
It’s a lot of work with long hours, so because I just started, it’s still very exhausting and I still have lots to learn.
The best part about my job is the people and the food though. Everyone is super nice, very patient and they’re explaining everything to me. On Thursday, May 4 (yep, May the Fourth be with you, that’s me) it was my birthday. I didn’t expect anyone to know, because it was only my third day of work. So I was really surprised and thankful when Nikolina, the girl that started working there with me and now my friend, gave me chocolate that said “Happy Birthday!” on it. But what completely blew me away was that suddenly the whole department came to me, gave me amazing presents and congratulated me with cake, a bottle of wine, gift cards and loads of candy.
I didn’t even know what to say and was very touched.
Every day my favorite time is lunch time. Our company offers lunch every day, but not just a sandwich and an apple. We get two choices in a warm meal, a salad bar, a different soup and dessert EVERY SINGLE DAY. And here comes the most amazing thing: for only €7,- per month!!! I couldn’t believe it at first, but it’s fresh, quality food.
So I wasn’t sure if I will stay long in this job, because it’s really hard and exhausting (like any job in the beginning), but there are so many great aspects that proove that it’s a really cool job.



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